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Top 10 Home Health Stories from 2016

Published December 26th, 2016 at Home Health Care News, the article was written by Amy Baxter. For the full story, click here, we've included her Top 10 list below.

1. June 8th- CMS launches Home Health Prior Authorization Requirement

2. October 21st- LexisNexus publishes Top 10 Largest Home Health Providers

3. November 7th- Kindred to Exit Skilled Nursing Facility Business

4. June 22nd- OIG Flags 500 Home Health Agencies as Fraud Battle Intensifies

5. September 1st- Senators push for Pre-Claim Delay after 'Complete Mess' in Illinois

6. January 28th- CMS Issues Final Rule on Medicaid Face-to-Face Requirement

7. October 17th- Almost Family Deal forms Largest Hospital, Home Health Joint Venture

8. June 22nd- Feds Target Home Health in Historic, $900 Million Fraud Bust

9. November 9th- Home Health Industry Ponders meaning of Trump Victory

10. September 20th- Pre-Claim Review Delayed Ahead of Florida Start Date

For more information on each of the stories that made the Top 10 List, click here.

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