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Don't Get Lost in the HealthCare Maze

Understanding the “maze” that is our health care system is getting more confusing every day, especially when it comes to senior care. If you have ever experienced the frustration of getting answers, understanding insurances and co-pays, and finding the right resources, you are not alone. Even healthcare and senior care professional’s struggle.

Between political agendas, changes to regulations, the changing needs of the community, and creative entrepreneurs; the programs, services, and resources available for are constantly changing. Plus, you add an increase in work demands, it’s no wonderer your doctor, nurse, hospital discharge planer, or other health care professionals do not have all the answers. Here is a list of things one can do to navigate

What can you do?

Do your research. The greatest tool in navigating the ever-changing healthcare system is education. While it may be time consuming, you will become more empowered and comfortable the more you know. Knowing and understanding the services and resources available, treatments, medication is a step in the right direction. Research can be done online or in person. In almost every community, there are opportunities for free public educational in-services and networking events.

Consult with multiple health care professionals. It is often said that it takes a village when it comes to health care and senior care. That saying could not be truer today. Take the time to talk to the many health care professionals in your life. By getting information from multiple sources, you can compile that information to help make the best decisions.

Never settle. Often if you feel yourself saying, there must be a better way, or I don’t understand why I am being denied, you should not take the first answer you get. Make phone calls, do your research, read your policies and regulations. Often you will find that people tend to impose their own beliefs or interpretation. If you dig hard enough, often you can get the right person who can help. Sometime, entities like insurance companies rely on the fact that you will just give up.

Like any maze, it can be easy to spend too much time moving in the wrong direction. The good news is you are not alone. There is help. At CPCS Personal Care, we offer free care management and advocacy to those in need. If you need help finding resources, planning for the future, or have immediate needs, we can help. Contact us today, 806-722-4900!


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