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Understanding Caregiver Minimums

Is your family interested in exploring caregiver minimum hours? Some families question why tasks are taking so long, which can be frustrating when families pay by the hour. People want to minimize their costs but might not understand how long tasks are taking their loved ones.

What Minimum Hours Are

Caregiver minimum hours are the minimum blocks of time you can request from a home care company. Many agencies in our area have minimums between three and five hours at a time. At CPCS Personal Care, we offer two hour minimums.

Generally, blocks cannot be split, meaning, if the minimum is five hours and a customer requests two three-hour blocks of time, the thought is that it is over the five-hour minimum. Sadly, this would be incorrect. The minimum is the blocks of time you can purchase.

Why Have Minimums?

At CPCS Personal Care, we try and staff every case regardless of size. Our minimum is two hours of care.

The reason why many agencies have caregiver minimum hours is for two reasons: scheduling and staffing.


It is difficult to get caregivers to accept low blocks of time. They need to get ready, drive to the case, work the case and then drive home. They may spend more time driving to the case than actually working on it.

What is the minimum amount of time you would want to earn to drive to work each day? Caregivers have the same priorities, hence the caregiver minimum hours.


Scheduling a low-hour case takes more time and effort than a higher-hour case because they are less desirable, as explained above. So from the agency owner’s perspective, their schedule is less productive on a less good case than a high our case, so why accept the client? This decision leads agency owners to decline low-hour cases because, in their eyes, it isn’t worth the time.

Additionally, if a client is unhappy with the care they are getting, this requires even more time spent on the case by the office staff, which means profit margins further decline. For many agency owners, taking low-hour cases does not make business sense.

We look at low-hour cases as opportunities. Home care is a word-of-mouth business, and the more happy clients we service, the more opportunities to help neighbors in our community.

Call our team today, let us help you explore your opportunity with our team, 806-722-4900.


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